Briana is a writer and mother of three; one human, one canine and one grown up. She is also a full-time washing machine operator.

She has been a columnist, feature writer and journalist for leading Australian publications including Café Culture, Focus Magazine and Fairfax Media.

A major in Philosophy from the University of Sydney helps keep her insane. A second major in Near Eastern Archaeology doesn’t really help her at all.

After experiencing life in Sydney, Canberra and Forster as a restauranteur, Briana now lives in her rural home town in New South Wales. She likes it there because she doesn’t have to wear black every day.

Briana is an all-girls boarding school survivor and sarcasm enthusiast. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one thing she refuses to live without along with oxygen and coffee, but not in that order. 

She is waiting for coffee to become available in drips. Once this happens she should be able to finish her novel. Unless she puts herself into a caffeine coma which is a more probable outcome.

Follow her on Twitter https://twitter.com/briana_bryon



Sense of humour not optional