Comic con cavies and Camellias

Wow, a pink flower

Narrandera had a busy weekend. This tiny town of the Riverina hosted the annual National Cavy Show and the annual (not national) Camellia Show.

For those of you who are not well versed in guinea pigs, that’s what a Cavy is. It’s the alternate name given to what is typically a kids pet so adults can feel more mature when they need to admit they breed guinea pigs for a hobby.

Oh look, more pink flowers

No adult who says they breed guinea pigs is going to get laid. Ever. Now replace ‘guinea pig’ with ‘cavy’ and the weird adult may be in with a chance.

The Cavy Show in Narrandera is the comic con of domesticated rodents.

I need to credit that last line, the only good one in this entire blog, to Paul from “The Mixed Tape” at Spirit FM. The only funny thing I was able to get out of a blog about the Cavy and the Camellia Show and it wasn’t my line.

Camellia’s are not a funny flower.

Holy cow, another pink flower

I don’t think there are any funny flowers. I even used my brilliant research skills to find a funny flower. I googled ‘funny flowers’. Google is stupid. And it turns out flowers are serious.

About 800 people from all over our eclectic nation came to look at, show off and buy new guinea pigs. About 20 came to the camellia show.

And people think Narrandera is boring.

Of the two intensely exciting events, I went to the camellia show. I had put two lavender twigs into pots the week before so I figured I can label myself as a gardener. May as well hang out with my own kind.

Holy hell. That was a lot of pink.

Instead of patting furry little balls of cuteness, I went to the camellia show, guessing it would give me the best material for a blog.

As you can tell, it did not.

Could it be, more pink flowers?

I dragged my Mum along who in turn dragged 5 month old Beau along. Needless to say 5 month old Beau was not in the slightest bit interested.

Especially since she couldn’t rip any of the originally Chinese/Japanese flowers apart. Please note google not so stupid here.

After 17 minutes in a room filled with more variations on the shade of pink that I ever knew existed, I too wanted to rip them up.

But I’m not 5 months old.

So I only ripped up a couple.

At the end of the day it’s great that Narrandera gets to host events like these. They really put our town on the map, which is why so many of you know where Narrandera is and why you also new there was a comic con of domesticated rodents. (Thanks again Paul)

Is it? It can’t be. Pink flowers

Cavy’s and camellias are people’s hobbies and they should be respected for being people’s hobbies. Weird people’s hobbies, but weird people are people too.

My hobby is complaining on the internet so I respect their hobbies for the fodder they provide and I’m not weird. But I am a keen gardener, as long as the plants don’t produce anything pink.

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